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Holiday Fun! January 14, 2011

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It has been a long time since my last post!  We had a busy, yet amazing holiday!  We were blessed to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with wonderful family and friends!  The girls LOVED Christmas (who doesn’t love presents???).  It was so much more fun to see Santa Claus through the eyes of children!  It was also a White Christmas, something very rare in the south! 

We usually go to the UGA bowl game over the holiday.  This year UGA played (or tried to play:)) UCF.  We have amazing friends in Orlando who are also UCF grads.  Instead of going to the game, they came up to Atlanta and we had a bowl party and fantastic New Year’s celebration with them. 

Here are some of my favorite holiday pictures:


Amelia, my mess! October 14, 2010

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Every night Chris bathes the girls and puts them to bed.  They take a bath together.  When he is done bathing Amelia, Grace stays in the tub and plays and I monitor to make sure she doesn’t flood the bathroom.  Last night after he dressed Amelia it was early, so he let her run around a bit.  I stepped out of the bathroom for a second to put the Clorox wipes away (in a closet 2 steps from the bathroom).  As I was putting them away I hear Grace say “Amelia is in the tub….”  Chris and I turn around and sure enough Amelia is back in the tub, clothes and all.  She was having a blast!  We also learned how much water overnight diapers hold….tons!!


My little cheerleader! September 29, 2010

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If you know me, you know I am the least coordinated person in the world.  In fact in the past 2 days, I tripped and broke the $200 lens on our SLR camera, shattered a glass, and exploded (glass and all) a bottle of prosecco.  So of course Grace has decided she is going to be a cheerleader.  I am praying that she has Chris’s coordination (he is WAY better than me:)).  We took her to see the Tucker High School cheerleaders at camp this summer and since then she has been begging to go to a real football game to see Ms. Gibson and HER cheerleaders!  She really thinks they are her BFF!!!!  So we took her to the game this weekend.  She had a fabulous time and since the tigers were winning 45-0 she spent  some time “performing” with the girls! 

Amelia had a fabulous time too….climbing the stadium with us chasing after her:) 


The 1st Day of School September 9, 2010

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Yesterday was the 1st day of school for Grace and Amelia.  They were both so excited!  Grace was up early and could not wait to get dressed and out of the house.  After eating breakfast and posing for a million pictures, we were finally on our way!  Grace was so excited to see her teachers and friends she ran into her classroom without saying goodbye!  Amelia cried for a minute when we left, but her teacher said she had a great day.  Amelia even cried when they put her in the car at carpool because she didn’t want to leave school. 

I enjoyed my morning without the girls (even spent some time at the pool:)), but it was strange to have such a quiet morning….being without them will take some time to adjust to!

Here are some pictures of the morning:


I love the fall! September 5, 2010

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Last week while I was working out at 5:45 am, I began to notice that the mornings were getting cooler.  During the day when I would run errands I wasn’t sweating profusely just walking from my car to the store.  The cooler weather means that fall is here and fall means football!  As much as I love the lazy days of summer, I LOVE football season!  I love the UGA games the best, but I also love getting up in the morning and turning on ESPN….watching gameday, games ALL day and night, watching gameday final, and the waiting for the new ranking to come out to see where UGA stands. 

I also LOVE that my girls love these things too (so far:)).  Grace and Amelia spent the day in their cheerleader outfits calling the dogs (Amelia only barked) and singing Glory, Glory.  Today was a fabulous day with my family….I am so thankful for the little things!  


I love the beach!!! September 1, 2010

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We spent the last week at Seagrove beach with my parents and sisters.  We had a fabulous time,  although vacation with children is not quite the same as it was before:)  I think my family might need months to recover from the girls and my sisters might not ever want their own children, but all in all it was great to be with family and watch my girls enjoy new experiences!!!

We are looking forward to going again in October and hoping Amelia will enjoy the sand more!


Time flies…. July 13, 2010

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My daughter Grace celebrated her 3rd birthday on Sunday!  It is amazing how fast it has flown by!  I never imagined my baby girl would become a little lady 3 years later!  Sometimes I wish I could stop the clock, but I am also amazed and excited to watch the girl she is becoming.  Below is her 1st picture (7/11/07) and a picture from her birthday (7/11/10).

Happy 3rd birthday Grace!!!!!


Grace’s 1st Haircut July 2, 2010

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Last Saturday we took Grace to Siggers to have her first haircut!  Since she is almost 3 we thought it was about time.  She was so excited, she had to wear a new dress!  We headed off loaded up with cameras so excited you would have thought she was graduating college:)  I was so nervous she would lose her curls once it was cut, but they stayed!  She had her hair washed, cut, and blown dry.  She LOVED it!!  She sat still the entire time.  Afterwards the owner gave her a mannequin head, clips, and a comb to take home and play with.  She loved that too (even though Chris and I think it is a little scary).  She calls it her pelican (instead of mannequin) and carries it around the house.  Below are some picture of the day! 


Summer June 23, 2010

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Last summer I began my journey as a SAHM.  I finished working at the end of June.  Amelia was 2 months old, I was adjusting to 2 children and a new home.  I loved summer!  I thought the lazy days were amazing and having the girls with me at all times was wonderful!  As I was in my SAH bliss, my friend Ashley secretly hated me as she was counting the days until her daughter went back to school.  At the time I could not understand why she wasn’t as happy as I was……now I so get it!

I love my girls dearly and feel very fortunate to be able to be at home with them, but summer is the worst time of year!!!  That lack of structure I loved last summer is soon to be the death of me!  Keeping them entertained in 90 something degree heat on a small budget is impossible!  Keeping them from killing each other is also a challenge!  I have gone from educator who cries with joy on the last day of school to parent who cries because school is no more!  I am not sure I will make it until September!  Until then we will spend as much time as possible on playdates and at the pool hoping to keep them happy and me sane!

So Ashley, now I understand…..


Spring Break! April 16, 2010

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I was so dreading Spring Break this year!  I had gone from a teacher who LIVED for time off to a parent who did not know what to do without preschool!  How was I going to get my grocery shopping done with two kids????  The free cookies at Publix on last like 15 minutes…..could I do my shopping that quickly???  The week I was dreading turned out to be fabulous!  Both girls behaved long enough for me to enjoy shopping at the farmer’s market and we had several great outings!  My favorite was Grace’s first trip to the nail salon!  She loved having her fingers and toes painted and even got flowers on her big toes:)  She was in heaven!  I am not sure how I ended up with such a girlie girl, but it was really cute!  The only disappointment to mom was the fingernail polish was picked off on the ride home…..but like my husband reminded me, it is the experience that counts!  Here are some pics from the event!