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The BEST margarita ever! March 16, 2011

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If you are like me, nothing is better than sitting on the porch in the spring sipping a margarita:)  I have tried for years to perfect a recipe but have never been able to make them as good as they are in a Mexican restaurant.  Enter my friend Chris Rush.  Probably the best drink maker EVER!!!  He is always concocting a new cocktail and has, in my opinion, created a margarita recipe better than those in a restaurant.

Here it is:

4 parts silver tequilla (it has to be good tequilla… will taste it:))

2 parts FRESH squeezed lime juice (the store-bought, already squeezed lime juice makes them taste funny….I promise I tried)

2 parts water

1 part agave nectar (I think the light tastes better than the amber agave)

Put in a shaker of ice and shake well.  Pour over ice and ENJOY!  Each recipe makes 2 large margaritas.


One Response to “The BEST margarita ever!”

  1. Jess Says:

    I will try it! That’s my fav drink in the world!
    When I bartended at Buffalo’s, we used to throw in a splash of OJ and Sprite, too. Just a splash! I love how those taste, too!

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